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  • Monday Night Rod Version 1

    Dukes and Dane are joined by the Shirtless Puerto Rican in a special bonus edition of the show. They start off by pitching a brand new television program, then address the fact that Bartie should stop driving for good after getting in yet another accident. Then they get into why Chik-fil-a is the most popular […] More

  • Episode 117 – Go #!%$ Yourself

      The fellas start the show discussing a topic on how you shouldn’t feel bad ending friendships. Dukes finds himself in an awkward situation in the grocery store parking lot. Find out which celebrities the boys would want to do a buddy cop television show with when we get to your DMs. Go to to […] More

  • Episode #116 – Jobs Is Bad

    The boys begin episode #116 by discussing the Turkey Hay Special and how quickly the preorders sold out. After that, they discuss Othello running into President Trump and an accusation he’s heard from Dukes that he’s trying to nip in the bud. Then, Dukes discusses his recent visit to Monk’s BBQ and the fact that none […] More

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