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  • Episode #126 – Happy Thanksgiving, Haymen!

    Angel is tagging along on Othello’s free honeymoon, so we have a mystery guest host for our Thanksgiving episode. We get to enjoy a feast provided by Monk’s BBQ, and announce a special Black Friday event for the Haymen. We also get into a report that more people are opting to pay for Thanksgiving meals […] More

  • Episode #125 – Fish Pumped

    We are once again joined by The Shirtless Puerto Rican, while Othello is still vacationing on other people’s dime. We start out the show by talking about Nicki Minaj’s recent cover photo, which leads into a very interesting hypothetical for Angel and Dane. Next, we debate whether two parents who barely eat food or drink […] More

  • Episode #124 – Thanks For Quivering

    Othello has fled the country many days in advance for his second wedding, so we are joined by our favorite guest host: The Shirtless Puerto Rican. Naturally, we trash Othello at the top of the show and evaluate the work he’s put into the Rodkast. Also, Dukes encounters an awkward situation at work and wonders […] More

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