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  • Episode #73 – Because All My Thighs Are Ting-A-Ling

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    Hi Rodkast. Bartie & Dukes sympathize with Big Dane for his recent medical diagnosis by making it a new hit song. The fellas then move on to their continued love/hate relationship with Hooters and Bartie & Dukes share their happiness of Dane’s anger that they spent all of the Hooters gift cards without him. In […] More

  • Episode #72 – Where’s My T-Shirt?

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    HAY! The Rodkast is back at full-strength as Othello comes back from his cruise to join Dukes & Big Dane. (Hooray.) Artheller recaps his vacation and while he finds a way to get as far away from the show as he can, his crippling depression always find its way back to torment him. Big Dane […] More

  • Episode #71 – Pounding Chicken Sandwiches

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    Happy Mother’s Hay, fam! There is no better gift for mom than the gift of more Rodkast. Dukes and Dane start the show wondering if we enjoy fast food as much as we did when we were kids and who better to discuss hot dog pizza crust than with our pal, Landfill? The fellas then […] More

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