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  • Episode #109 – It Was a Syphilis Scare

    Hey. Leesten. This episode is kinda gross just so you know. The fellas start off discussing an Instagram model who recently lost thousands of followers after announcing she would no longer post any bikini pics. The Rodkast is then joined by a show legend, Sean Coke, to share a couple stories from his boarding school […] More

  • Episode #108 – Giving Us A Bunch of Bullfish

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    Dukes, Dane and Othello open up the show by discussing the Ghost of Fishmas Past. After that we give all those who’ve secured a copy of BacDaHayUp an update on their orders before Dane talks about his weekend of playing NBA2K and why playing three days straight has sent him into a deep depression. Lastly, […] More

  • Episode #107 – Fish, Fish, Fish…

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    A ghost of a friend of the show haunts the guys after his untimely demise during the Big 300. It’s time for The Movie Club as the show reviews Bartie’s pick, “Bad Words”, starring Jason Bateman. Bartie has an incident at the gym that upsets him and makes everyone question if he truly is a […] More

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