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  • Episode #133 – Bright Bart

    It’s SunHAY, and Dane tells us why he won’t be here for the next two shows. Afterwards, we discuss public schools in France banning mobile phones. Plus, we review Othello’s movie club pick: Brawl In Cell Block 99. Finally, we get to your DMs where Bartie makes a confession. You can purchase your V-Hay-P package […] More

  • Episode # 132 – I Was A Troubadour!

    HAY! We start out with Dukes planning his trip to see his dad in Florida, then we try to dissect their relationship. Next, Dukes recaps a concert from this past weekend and we discuss artists who use their live shows as a platform for political speech. Plus, we give recent examples of people embarrassing themselves […] More

  • Rod Is War #3

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