Episode #101 – The Golem Summoner

Thanks to all who came out to the Supershow. The event recap will come next episode. In the meantime, the fellas bring the Haymen more details on the basketball tournament that is sweeping the nation and will have the Autumn on lock, The Big 300. Dukes’ pick, “Things to do in Denver When You’re Dead” is next up on The Movie Club for review and Big Dane has a gem of a pick himself. The show finishes up with a discussion on three-time Light Heavyweight Champion of the UFC, Jon Jones, recent failed drug test. Go to rodkast.com/hooters to buy your boys some crab legs, manager pours, and disrespect. Visit rodkast.com/ama if you’d like to send in some questions of your own and rodkast.com/movieclub if you’d like to join the Rodkast Movie Club. Visit us onlinelike us on Facebookfollow us on Twitter & #SpreadtheHay

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  1. Fellas – I have really enjoyed all 101.1 episodes of the Rodkast, especially the spit out whatever you have in your mouth funny moments, Dane’s French door; to the incredibly awkward, Chad’s beat down of @ZohanJew being the most recent. I would love to contribute to the show but I don’t want feel guilty when one or all of you die prematurely from a coronary caused by a lifelong habit of eating Hooters food. Is there a “healthy” option restaurant that I could buy a gift certificate to in order to avoid this guilt?

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