Episode #135 – I’m Back, Bitch

Merry Christmas Eve, HAYmen. It doesn’t take long for this episode to fall apart. We are once again joined by The Shirtless Puerto Rican in place of Dane, and we get on him for his embarrassing vacation plans. We also come across something we thought would never happen again: a new chapter in Da Movie Saga. Plus, we get into your DMs and Othello sets a record for fewest words spoken on a podcast. We’re sorry. You can purchase your V-Hay-P package at rodkast.com/premium. Visit rodkast.com/ama if you’d like to send in some questions of your own and rodkast.com/movieclub if you’d like to join the Rodkast Movie Club. Visit us online, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter & #SpreadtheHay

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