Episode #81 – A Lid Issue

Happy Father’s Hay, fam! Dad doesn’t want a stupid tie or another shtick coffee mug. He wants a steak & more Rodkast. Just make sure he’s not eating while listening to this episode. The guys are back, but a recent situation previously discussed is putting a stain on their relationship. After recovering from the brown ruin, they finally get to the movie club with Bartie’s pick, “Blue Ruin”. We cap the show off with some really mean & hurtful DM’s. Go to rodkast.com/hooters to buy your boys some crab legs, manager pours, and disrespect. Visit rodkast.com/ama if you’d like to send in some questions of your own and rodkast.com/movieclub if you’d like to join the Rodkast Movie Club. Visit us onlinelike us on Facebookfollow us on Twitter & #SpreadtheHay

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