Episode #96 – The French Door

Dukes is back from vacation and opens up the show by giving Othello and Dane some honest feedback on the pair of episodes they hosted with the Shirtless Puerto Rican while he was away. After that, they discuss Chad’s upcoming show at the DC Improv and Bart’s enthusiastic support behind it. Lastly they respond to some DMs and get an awkward confession out of Dane. Go to rodkast.com/hooters to buy your boys some crab legs, manager pours, and disrespect. Visit rodkast.com/ama if you’d like to send in some questions of your own and rodkast.com/movieclub if you’d like to join the Rodkast Movie Club. Visit us onlinelike us on Facebookfollow us on Twitter & #SpreadtheHay

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  1. I hear of the success that the mid day hosts of a local radio show have with their diets and wonder if you could share your eating accomplishments by joining weight-watchers and detailing your lives as morbidly obese control subjects. It would be especially fascinating to hear big Dane’s points compared to a healthy diet. It might even demonstrate to him how out of control he is and ultimately save his life, after all it’s a long 10 years until his youngest graduates from high school and would be a shame for him not to be there!

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