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  • Episode #119 – A World of Spa

    HAY! Othello is annoyed by something that happened at the gym, which leads into a conversation about a really liberal spa in the northern Virginia area. Bart’s pick is up next as we review his latest pick starring Gavin McInnes, called “How To Be a Man”. Ever had an activity ruined by someone’s lack of […] More

  • Episode #118 – Get Dane Spayed and Neutered

    We begin episode #118 recapping last week’s bonus episode and Dane’s noticeably lackluster demeanor. We follow that up by discussing Othello’s second car accident in one week, then talk about the fact that the Shirtless Puerto Rican isn’t in studio with us this week because he’s out dancing with his wife. Go to to buy […] More

  • Monday Night Rod Version 1

    Dukes and Dane are joined by the Shirtless Puerto Rican in a special bonus edition of the show. They start off by pitching a brand new television program, then address the fact that Bartie should stop driving for good after getting in yet another accident. Then they get into why Chik-fil-a is the most popular […] More

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