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  • Weird and Pissed Off

    Most of you don’t know what’s goin’ on here, but we’re damn well sure SOME of you do! Dukes is joined by John “Cakes” Auville, co-host of The Junkies on 106.7 The Fan, for a podcast all about one of their favorite flicks: John Carpenter’s The Thing. The boys get into why the movie has […] More

  • Episode #162 – MF Food

    Ey, listen…Big Shooter is a bit stressed out. Also, Dane and Big Rig made an impromptu Hooters trip last week, but who made a bigger deal out of it? Plus, someone gets recognized at work. How do we interact with listeners outside of the show? You can purchase your V-Hay-P package at Visit if […] More

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