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  • Episode #84 – I’m Dicky Sauce


    The boys being episode #84 of the Rodkast with the debut of a new character one of the hosts has been working on. After that, they recap a recent trip to Hooters and give their review of the first night of Big 3 games. We then get into a recent trip Othello made to the […] More

  • Episode #83 – I’m Not Batman

    We got an explosive episode here for you this SunHAY as an absolute bombshell is dropped when a perceived do-gooder is exposed for his crimes against humanity. Will Dukes, Bartie, and Dane ever be able to look at him the same after his Breaking Bad ways? It’s not all evil all the time though as […] More

  • Episode #82 – Blow The Whistle

    The boys open up the show talking about Othello’s propensity to go dark on Dane and Chad anytime he gets away from them. After that, they talk about a story coming out of Scotland about a lucrative nanny opportunity in a haunted house. After that, Dane recaps a wedding he cried at this past weekend. […] More

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