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  • Episode #103 – The Halal Quinceanera

    Training vigorously for The Big 300 by stuffing crispy chicken sandwiches down your fat gullet? Your laziness finally pays off as the Rodkast gives the first details on when and where you can try out for the 3 on 3 hoops tourney that is eating the nation. Also, Bartie J goes to a kids party […] More

  • Episode #101 – The Golem Summoner

    Thanks to all who came out to the Supershow. The event recap will come next episode. In the meantime, the fellas bring the Haymen more details on the basketball tournament that is sweeping the nation and will have the Autumn on lock, The Big 300. Dukes’ pick, “Things to do in Denver When You’re Dead” […] More

  • Episode #100 – Summer Supershow with Big O and Dukes

    What. A. Night. What you know about some diarrhea? We kick this episode off with the standup debut of the Shirtless Puerto Rican. After that, the Summer SuperShow of all Super SuperShows kicks off with plenty of awkward moments and marriages/weddings being called into question. Lastly, we cap the night off with a guest appearance […] More

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