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  • Episode #159 – NoopNoopNoop Material

    It’s SunHAY, and our friend The Shirtless Puerto Rican is finally out of quarantine…but is he cured? The first half of the show gets gross as he gives us the gory details of his illness. Plus, should we really be bringing dogs on planes? Then, we jump into your DMs and Dane makes them all […] More

  • Episode #158 – Nervousness-ness

    HAY! Dotson screwed over Big Dane on another podcast, but he won’t cop to it. The fellas had a writing meeting last weekend for our upcoming play, CollaborHAYtion. Who was the LVP? We also review Big Shooter’s pick for the Rodkast Movie Club: Good Time. You can purchase your V-Hay-P package at Visit […] More

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