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  • Episode #99 – Look How Much This Man Sweats!

    The fellas start the show with a little tease of the re-release of the much-lauded cassette BACDAHAYUP with the much-anticipated BACDAHAYUP: Super Show Edition. They then discuss a recent story claiming that millennials are less interested in breasts which is bad for business at the world-renowned “brestaurant”, Hooters.. Find out what stereotypes the guys feel […] More

  • Episode #98 – The Big 300

    The boys begin episode #98 with the debut of a new impression that nobody other than Dukes and Othello understand. After that, we have an awkward moment when Dane and Othello fight over something that nobody cares about. We later recap Dukes’ recent standup comedy show at the DC Improv and a heckler he had […] More

  • Episode #97 – Yo DJ, Drop That Phone

    HAY. The fellas start off discussing a recent article that came out asking if smartphones are destroying this generation’s youth as Big Dane recently bought his son one. Othello has a dilemma brewing with a certain friend of his. They close up discussing a man on Instagram whose ode to his “curvy wife” backfires on […] More

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