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  • Episode #89 – Nobody Does That

    The boys open up episode #89 of the Rodkast by discussing a recent troubling drive home Othello had from work. After that, they review the most recent movie club pick and get into some of the DMs. Go to to buy your boys some crab legs, manager pours, and disrespect. Visit if you’d like to send in […] More

  • Episode #88 – I’m Just Trying To Hide My Fat Face

    Dukes, Dane & Othello open up episode #88 of the Rodkast by discussing an issue Dane’s having with one of his new neighbors. After that we discuss the reception we seem to be getting for the planned #BACDAHAYUP tape release. Lastly Dukes talks to us a little bit about the Bachelorette and he and Othello […] More

  • Episode #87- He Sucked Moths Into His Mouth

    The boys begin episode #87 of the Rodkast by discussing Nintendo’s decision to sell only a very limited amount of Super NES Classic Edition consoles. After that we talk about the negative reaction Gordon Hayward is getting over his recent signing vs. the reaction LeBron James got after leaving Cleveland. Lastly, we discuss Oklahoma allowing […] More

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