The Violent End – Episode #1

Big Shooter, Adrian Zojnarowski, and special guest Sven Lloyd delve into HBO’s Westworld in Episode #1 of The Violent End: Another Westworld Podkast. The boys break down the twists and turns in the series, review the original Westworld movie from 1973, pontificate on what’s to come in season 2, and more. Tell us what you thought of the show, and your theories, at

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  1. I thought the first series was a good start. The production value is what kept me watching. I, unfortunately read all the fan theories while the show was airing and was spoiled by the correct guesses. The series is worth a watch for the two performances of Hopkins and Harris, but especially Hopkins. The negative marks I would give to the show was the painfully obtuse storytelling. I could feel the intentional misdirects and subterfuge from a mile away (granted, reading the fan theories did not help this matter). I also did not feel attached to any of the characters. Maybe because they introduced so many characters at once or they kept “dying” every episode. Overall, a solid first run. I just wish they could produce the next series before fall, 2018…which is not going to happen.

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