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  • Episode #186 – Get To Revvin’

    HAY! The Shirtless Puerto Rican joins Dane and Bartie on this episode. We had another Hoots trip, and Dane thinks his Freddy’s ban is an inside job. Plus, Angel had an awkward encounter while driving for Lyft, and we realize his entire life is discomfort. Also, is Dane getting his wife back on track to […] More

  • Episode #185 – Two Thumbs Down

    The Shirtless Puerto Rican joins us while Bartie is out smashing cars. We’re just one week away from the InfinitHAY Gauntlet signing! Plus, Dukes is fostering a dog for the weekend, and Dane can’t seem to shake his past finances. We also get to your DMs, where things spiral out of control.You can purchase your […] More

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