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  • Episode #246 – Banned From Taquitos

    HAY. There’s still conflict between two members of the show, and we try to settle things. Plus, the Hog Jam is less than four weeks away, so we brainstorm some ideas and give some teasers for what will come. We also return to the Rodkast Movie Club with The Ballad of Buster Scruggs on Netflix. […] More

  • Episode #245 – Juan Bauer

    We’re just 4 weeks away from the Winter Hog Jam at Monk’s BBQ! Celebrities are making things seem simple on the internet, and controversy arises when one of our friends shows his true colors on Twitter. We also bring back the movie club with Bird Box on Netflix, and read your DMs. You can purchase […] More

  • Episode #244 – AyeMurrell

    Who’s fed up with Svenom? We look back to his drunken sobbing on last SunHAY’s episode and find out. Dukes and Dotson played a monumental show at the 9:30 Club, and of course a HAYman was the biggest problem there. Plus, Bartie has beef with a band member, and we hear from a special guest. […] More

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