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  • Episode #183 – Thin, Thin Sweatshorts

    Dukes had a very interesting interaction at a local dining establishment last weekend. Plus, why would IHOP change their name? Someone was also humiliated in their most vulnerable state. We don’t forget your DMs! You can purchase your V-Hay-P package at Visit if you’d like to send in some questions of your own […] More

  • Episode #182 – Mumble Punishment

    HAY! Big Dane is being showered with compliments and accolades wherever he goes. Why is Ghost of Foots so angry with Bartie? The fellas also get into a recent obituary that trashes the deceased. Is it justified? Plus, Dane considers reconciling with his father and everybody hates Dukes. You can purchase your V-Hay-P package at […] More

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